Orcas Park and Rec is managing the rental of Orcas Island Public School facilities for use by Park & Rec and other members of the public when not in use by the school. Orcas Park & Rec will sponsor adult and youth activities, program, and events collectively called “recreational activities.” We have the following spaces for rent by members of the public:

  • School Cafeteria
  • High School Gym
  • Old or K8 Gym
  • School Library Meeting Rooms
  • Band Room w/o Instruments
  • Playing Fields 4, 5, and 7

Fees are subject to change and vary with activity and sponsorship. Please call for your rate schedule.

Uses must be compatible with school facilities and a group representative must sign a Supplemental Agreement for Use of Facilities.

Contact Orcas Park and Rec by phone (360-376-7275) or email ( oiprd@oiprd.org) to reserve your space.