Orcas Skatepark

World Class Skate Park Orcas Island

There’s something happenin’ heree….. Stills ’66

The Orcas Island Skatepark / Scott Stamnes Memorial Skatepark was built in 2002. The founders of the now legendary skatepark design/build firms of Grindline and Dreamland created the park. They built the park by skating and dreaming each zone from the giant bowl to the death box. The park draws skaters from around the world and is a monument to local skaters. 2013 marks the tenth year of this grand monster of a park. The park is still a ride to be reckoned with and provides a challenge for both beginners and experts. Check out the YouTube videos by Justin Orcas Skate – Always wear a helmet!

Over the past ten yeas the miles and hours of rides, grinds, and rips have taken their toll. We are looking for volunteers to help with spring maintenance and cleanup. We are also seeking donations for a 10-year maintenance project to replace and stabilize some of the key features. Please consider donating either your time and / or your money to the upkeep of this unique and energy pumping park.