DSC_0069 (3)Attention parents and members of the community:  our programs rely on volunteer coaches and assistants.  Would you like to help create the conditions under which players can flourish?

We are looking for volunteers to support our Fall programs, in particular, we need soccer coaches for our youth program which includes after-school practice and games on Saturday mornings.  We will provide expert coaching assistance and training for you so no experience is necessary.

If you would like to help, please contact us.



IMG_1752Are you ready for after school fun? Would you like to join a team? We offer football, soccer and basketball. We also have Running Club, Boys Choir and Tennis Clinics.

Would you like to dance? Check out our Pre-Ballet, Ballet and Tap classes.

Do you like science and art? We also have science and art activities.

Join Pokemon and Magic Clubs, bring your friends or meet new friends.

Our programs fill up quickly so sign up now.

Take a look at our full list of current and upcoming summer activities here, and as always be sure to pre-register for any activities, camps, classes or clinics you and your loved ones are interested in. Pre-registration required. Scholarships are available.

Email kimi@oiprd.org for more information on activities.

Sand Volleyball Courts have been completed.

New Multi-Court surface has been installed on the current asphalt pad adjoining the tennis courts. The primary use of the court area is for pickle ball and overflow tennis.  Coming soon is the new backboard for both racket sports. We are adding a new fence with gates to enclose the court.

Rebuilt Dugouts for Baseball with storage areas are on the drawing board. We are planning on construction completion before spring baseball practice begins. Andrew Stephens is donating milled Orcas lumber and demolition, design, and construction materials are all being augmented by volunteer support.

Bleacher Repair and Portable Outfield Fencing will be addressed this fall. We will install permanent sleeves for the fencing at outfield distances for the adult, major and minor levels of play.

A new pre-school level play structure will replace the aging play area this winter and will be located close to the play field so parents can watch both their young children on the the play area and their older kids on the playing fields.

In coordination with the Off Leash Area and the Land Bank we are striving to reuse and recycle all soil and vegetation disturbed during the projects. Soil and dirt removed from the sand courts will be used in the Off Leash grading and in the rework of Field One which includes regrading, adding drainage, irrigation and seeding next spring. The skatepark is also getting a professional evaluation and is scheduled for major repairs.

The moneys requested in the 2016 – 2022 budget / levy are scheduled to be distributed for Park & Rec operations in the following annual percentages:
Levy funds